FLORA's German-made lightweight trolleys provide solutions for landscape care and outdoor cleaning of paths and land-
scapes. Our galvanised sheet steel equipment is ideal for
use by municipalities, in town and city car parks, industrial facilities, public buildings, parks and gardens. The plastic containers for collection of waste, garbage and refuse are ergonomic and easy-to-use. Greifboy grabbers and litter pickers are popular in all sectors of rubbish collection for urban maintenance and facility management.

FLORA's gardening tools are ideal for the professional and
landscape gardeners, town councils and municipalities.
We offer a wide range of rakes – smoothing, bow, garden,
lawn, meadow, hay. The tines are made of metal, plastic,
polyamide, polyethylene or  polypropylene. The handles
are wood or fibre glass. Our hoe types are: bow, weed,
draw, flat, field, hoopoe, and the product range also
includes cultivators, aerators and grubbers.

Spades, American shovels, soil drills, post hole diggers, lawn rollers, lawn aerators or lifting tongs are some of the most important tools used in expert garden and large-scale land-
scaping work. FLORA's tried-and-tested products – made in Germany - provide the quality and toughness which the professional demands for everyday use.